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      Japanese rings, also known as "Juzu," are traditional prayer beads used in Buddhism. They are typically made of wood or stone and are worn around the wrist or held in the hand during meditation or prayer. They are similar in appearance to the Catholic rosary, but have a different number of beads and are used for different purposes.

      The most common type of Japanese ring is the "Ojuzu," which has 108 beads, representing the 108 human desires that lead to suffering in Buddhism. Each bead is said to represent one of these desires, and by counting each one as a prayer or mantra is recited, the wearer can focus their mind and purify their thoughts.

      Another type of Japanese ring is the "Sensu," which is a smaller ring with only 10 beads. It is typically worn on the wrist as a reminder to practice mindfulness throughout the day.

      Japanese rings are also often given as gifts to loved ones or friends as a symbol of good luck and protection. They are also sometimes used in funeral and memorial services as a way to remember the deceased and to offer prayers for their well-being in the afterlife.

      Overall, Japanese rings are an important part of Buddhism and are used for both religious and cultural purposes. They are often viewed as a symbol of spiritual devotion and a reminder to practice mindfulness and compassion.