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      Kitsune masks are traditional Japanese masks that depict the fox spirit, known as a kitsune, in Japanese folklore. These masks are often used in traditional Japanese theater, such as Noh and Kyogen, as well as in festivals and other ceremonies. Kitsune masks are characterized by their long, pointed ears, expressive eyes, and open mouths. The fox spirit is known for its intelligence, mischievousness, and magical powers, and these traits are often represented in the design of kitsune masks. Many kitsune masks are also adorned with intricate details and symbolic imagery, such as multiple tails, which are said to represent the kitsune's ability to shape shift. The Kitsune mask is also known as the Fox mask, and it is worn by the Fox spirit to make the wearer look like a fox. Kitsune masks are considered to be traditional art forms and are highly valued by collectors.